Real Estate Investments for Beginners Part 2, Types of Real Estate for New Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Investments for Beginners   Part 2, Types of Real Estate for New Real Estate Investors

Not all property types may be suitable for new real estate investors. There are many factors to consider when deciding to add properties to an investment portfolio.

When deciding on an investment strategy for residential real estate, some options for new investors may consider

Rental Units

Rental units can be considered as both long term and short term investments. Types of properties that may be considered for this category would include

Detached single family house

Attached single family house

Features for multiple devices

Condos Town

To be landlord

Not everyone has either the desire or the desire to be landlord. Managing tenants and property matters can be very stressful and time consuming. One way to minimize the impact of being a landlord is to hire a professional real estate company.

Hiring a professional real estate company has several advantages

Enables owners of rental properties to be protected from handling rental and property issues directly.

Provides a buffer that allows the owners to maintain a hands off strategy to manage their properties.

May give a less stressful experience

Offers the opportunity to purchase real estate investments that are not directly located to the investor.

Provides a single point of contact for all questions regarding the investment property.

Professional property managers are well known and prepared to handle tenants and property issues as they arise. They will typically take care of all matters concerning the property.

Many offer their services at reasonable prices and prices, while others may be quite expensive due to additional services offered. You can expect the property managers to provide the following services

Advertise properties available

Retrieve applications for rent

Perform credit and background checks for applicants

Recommend rental rates

Pay maintenance and or repair bills for the owner

Send monthly figures and rental income Less any outstanding bills. Usually, these are settled and specified from rental income and displayed in monthly reports

Flipping or the path of new investors

Often, new investors in real estate are too keen to flip properties and make a significant profit. Rumors about how friends or acquaintances have made money is often the incentive to flip.

The real estate market fluctuates sharply. Yesterdays major flipping market may be latest market development as an example tomorrows Hold on to it market. Although this really is a desirable quality of a real estate property, it should and should not be the primary consideration for new real estate investors. The competition for this type of real estate investment is tough and occupied by experienced professional builders and investors

Property Types

Lets discuss different types of real estate that may be considered by new real estate investors.

The choice of type of investment property can be based on several factors.

These factors include

Financial considerations How much can you afford?

Availability of real estate What types of real estate are available?

Location You have heard this one thousand times Location ... Location ... Location ...

Income Potential Matches your property real estate investment strategy?

Detached and attached single family house

Single family house on a flat or detached house is often the first property property type of new investor seeking. In many areas, they offer the most availability of all types of properties.

Of course, the prices also vary a lot with these property types.

Multifamily Properties

Apartment units like duplex and triplexes should be considered a profitable alternative for new real estate investors.

Many investors and real estate agents use apartment buildings as the starting point for a portfolio of commercial property holdings and to build equity before moving on to major commercial real estate investments.

Duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes are two, three and four units buildings that may or may not be occupied occupied.


Choosing a suitable type of real estate to invest is a primary consideration for all serious real estate investors.

Real estate investment strategies include the decision whether or not to actively participate in the management of the property. Professional property managers offer options to help in a hands off strategy to own a residential property.

Knowing that there are options on different types of real estate to buy, as investments can give new real estate investors the information needed to make the final decision to become a real estate investor.

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